Warlock's Tattoo, Raleigh NC

Looking for piercings in the Raleigh area? Warlocks is your go to. We will perform nearly any piercing you could desire, and we’ll do it in the most precise, painless, and sterilized way possible. From simple ear piercings to much more complex body piercings and dermals, our team is the best in the area.

Ear piercings

Some ear piercings we offer are listed below. If you are looking to pierce an area of your ear that is not listed, please reach out to us. Chances are, we can take care of it.

  • Lobe piercing - typical ear piercings

  • Upper lobe piercing - slightly above standard lobe piercing

  • Auricle piercing - mid way up the outer way of the ear

  • Inner and outer conch piercing -

  • Helix (cartilage) piercing - upper cartilage

  • Industrial piercing - 2 perforations in upper cartilage in which a rod or wire will pass through

  • Tragus piercing - small cartilage flap outside ear canal

  • Rook piercing - through the cartilage fold on upper inner ear

  • Snug Piercing - through the cartilage fold on inner ear near helix

  • Orbital piercing - similar to industrial but connects from front

  • Transverse lobe piercings - passes horizontally through earlobe

  • Forward helix - front cartilage, often multiple piercings

  • Ear weaving piercings - one piece, usually a spiral, pierced through cartilage multiple times

Body Piercings

We also offer a wide variety of body piercings to clients throughout Raleigh and beyond. We’re experienced in the following types and more.

  • Facial piercing

  • Cheek piercing

  • Eyebrow piercing

  • Nose piercing

  • Septum piercing

  • Lip piercings

  • Snake bites

  • Tongue piercing

  • Belly button piercing

  • Nape piercing

  • Nipple piercing

  • Dermals

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If you're ready to schedule an appointment or interested in learning more about our ear and body piercing options, get in touch with us today. We're more than happy to work with you to achieve just the right piercing.